Mio sporty Modifikasi

Fresh creations continue to flow from the scene modification. Not to be lost fever Japs low rider style, retro classics, and Thailand Look a flood in 2008, is now a new virus for 2009 appeared the work of Sonny Jaya.

With the theme of big-foot American style, improvisation ideas on Honda Vario 2007 Sonny clad through a full design and futuristic modernity. Stay with nature skubek placing it as a motorcycle that still must be functional and teguhkan safety element. "modif tetak application options to maximize safety and functional elements of improvisation while giving a new discourse in this country," comments Sonny from his base.

Scooters matic rising today is yamaha mio, with the variant that is mio mio mio sporty and soul. Machine specifications of yamaha mio yamaha mio soul until nothing is changing the alias the same plek. Here's his review.