Yamaha Jupiter Z this one fits so buff guide jap flow style of elegant style. Contrived a little slanted headlights and the legs became super sleek but still dailyuse.
Funky flow is in addition to pursuing a luxurious feel also not invited nyusahin for a walk. In order to get the impression of expensive, in addition to the bottom of the already full chrome cover body is painted with paint that is also repeated again that is the motive ngetrend blink-doff, meaning a combination of color motifs and ngedoff bertop wet coat. lacquer-coated yellow cilong Spies Hecker brand with a slicked doff red sticker pinstrip crom use the increasingly negasin eleganis style theme.

Other parts all neatly mounted. Aseso kinds RPM indicator, fuell meter, volt meter, until the fuel filter is neat. Oil cooler fitted with mencoak partially cover the body side. Just make enthusiasts drool guaranteed Japstyle see Jupiter Z besutan this ... :D

Pelek dpn/blk :TNT 140-17
Ban dpn/blk :D uro 60/60-17
Cakram dpn/blk :P SM,F1ZR
Cat/clear :spies hecker
Modifikator :And Modified, Jl.Sukarno-Hatta Salatiga